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5 Trends In Luxury Homes In 2016

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5 Trends In Luxury Homes In 2016

luxury homes with a modern design and square exterior with grassy lawnYear after year, trends change. In fashion, in technology, and in homes as well. The advantage of luxury home trends is that the changes in trends are subtle and have longevity. This means they can still be fashionable years later.   In 2016, luxury home trends were all about the simplistic approach.  There is no need for you to alter your whole home. With a few simple modifications, you can still have the trendiest luxury home possible. Here at Santana Custom Homes, we offer luxury homes to suit your needs. 

From The Outside To The Inside

When designing your perfect home, you have to consider one very important thing many people seem to overlook: your home’s aesthetic. Once your guests come to your home, they mostly praise the inside of your home and how it is decorated.  However, the outside of your home is as important or sometimes even more important because is what your guests will first see.  In recent years, having a symmetry or similarity between the outside and the inside of your home adds value to it because it becomes more visually pleasing.

Dual Pane Windows For The Win

A simple addition to your home that will benefit your in the long run is the implementation of dual pane windows.  Dual pane windows, as opposed to the common single pane windows, have two panes of glass separated by a gap.  This gap traps cold and heat in their respective seasons. This means that during the summer, it will let less heat come through to your home and cold during the winter.  This, in return, results in lower energy cost for you. Dual pane windows make your home both economically and environmentally beneficial in the long run.

Stainless Steel Never Goes Out Of Style

There is a main reason why stainless steel never goes out of style, practicality.  Stainless steel provides you with the best kitchen appliances. Not only are they the best in functionality but they are the best aesthetically.  A kitchen equipped with stainless steel appliances give your luxury home an extra level of chicness and style.  Additionally, stainless steel is extremely practical given that it is easy to clean and maintain.

Fashionable Fixtures And Faucets

The latest trend for your luxury home’s fixtures and faucets is light brushed nickel light.  This trend gives your luxury home a more elegant look to it.  It adds a subtle shine that elevates the aesthetic of your home.  Not only that, but this subtle trend matches with your stainless steel kitchen, giving your whole home a more symmetrical and balanced look.

Durability And Style

One of the most famous trends in 2016 was the granite counter top.  This particular trend is one of the most withstanding of all because granite is a very durable material that will make your kitchen a reliable and durable one.  

Find Luxury Homes Herekitchen of a luxury home with island and stainless steel appliances

For all the trends and how to get them contact Santana Custom Homes, we have the latest on trends for your luxury homes.  At Santana Custom Homes, we want your luxury home dreams become a reality and we are here to help.