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A Close Look at Some Exterior Options For Your Santana Home

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A Close Look at Some Exterior Options For Your Santana Home

Getting ready to build your dream house? As a soon-to-be homeowner, you probably have plenty of ideas of what you want your house to look like and how you envision it. You want options and that’s why you’re considering a luxury home. Here at Santana Homes, we’re all about providing options. Let’s take a look at some of the exterior options and standard features we offer you on our custom homes.

If you’re like many people in the sun city, you spend a lot of time outside, on the porch, in the backyard, enjoying the great El Paso weather, barbecuing, playing with the kids or the dogs. We offer several options for the outside of your home that can make it a little different.

Cement roof tile on the front porch

A cement roof is not only very durable, environmentally-friendly, low-maintenance and strong but it has an incredibly sleek and modern look. Cement roof tiles will be very resistant to the elements and therefore have an extended life. Cement roof tiles can come in a variety of shapes like curved or flat and will add incredible charm to your home exterior.

Ceramic tile floor on the front porch

Choosing a resistant and durable tile for your porch is key to having a long-lasting porch that does not require a lot attention. Porches are often exposed to the elements and therefore must be made of the right materials in order that they do not lose quality. Tile made out of certain material like porcelain will be more resistant to moisture because it is packed tighter. Some of these materials will have such a low rate of absorption that they resist water far better than ceramic or even stone. Porch floors must also be resistant to a lot of foot traffic and the scratching of lawn furniture and so forth.

Double paned windows

In today’s world, energy efficiency is on top of everyone’s priority list. Energy efficiency means saving on heating and cooling bills every year and reducing the amount of energy consumption your home uses. These windows help keep the cold air inside during summer and the cold air out during winter. Other benefits of double paned windows include noise reduction. They are also much stronger and resistant. These definitely eliminate the need for storm windows.

Salt Finish Driveway

Finishing off a driveway with a rock salt finish will add a layer of decorative pizzaz and smoothness to your driveway. This type of finish will also help you in increasing the life of the driveway and further protecting it from the foot traffic and weight it will bear over the years.

Get Your Dreams Built with Santana Homes

We specialize in building beautiful homes. With us, there are many options and standard features that will make your new home more functional,  comfortable, energy efficient, and better for you and your family. All of our homes come with incredible standard features that will make our home stand out from all the others.