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Ask Your Custom Home Builder About These Features

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Ask Your Custom Home Builder About These Features

the interior of a home built by a custom home builderIf you are working with a custom home builder to create your dream residence, then there are a few features that you should ask about, to make it that much better. For those in El Paso, Santana Homes is the team to choose. 

Start Off With Two Kitchens

Two kitchens are better than one. Therefore, you should have one outside and one inside. Your custom home builder should supply the one inside with the latest and greatest design and state-of-the-art appliances, as well as the best cabinets, counter tops, and lighting. The one outside should enable you to grill a meal to perfection while still entertaining friends and family.

Energy Efficiency and Your Custom Home Builder

Your custom home builder should ensure that your home is as energy efficient as possible. This means that you should have well-insulated windows installed, as well as energy efficient appliances and central air. Plus, you should also inquire into a tank-less hot water heater and a programmable or smart thermostat, as well. Most new homes are at least 30% more energy efficient than their counterparts from even just five years ago.

Let’s Get You Organized!

When planning your new home with your custom home builder be sure to inquire as to strategically placing outlets so that they are not eyesores. Many people are opting to have outlets placed in drawers or in or under cabinets. Additionally, some people take the decorative drawer cover by the kitchen sink and make it flip out for quick-and-easy sponge storage. Therefore, your sink will be free of soggy sponge clutter and you make use of previously pointless space.

Other organizational options include increasing the size of closets, especially walk-in closets and switching kitchen cabinets for drawers. While bigger closets mean less clutter around the house, if you have ever had to get down on your hands and knees to look for something in the back of a cabinet, then you will know the value of replacing it with a drawer.

Want a Cleaner Home?

Two features can help keep your new home clean. They are a mud room and a central vacuum. A mud room is a place where people can take off and store wet, muddy clothes and shoes so that the dirt is not brought into the house. As an added bonus, you can ask for a laundry chute to go from the mud room to the laundry room to really make cleaning easy. The central vacuum makes cleanup easy because it is five times more powerful than an upright, while also being quiet and efficient. 

Choose Santana Homes, Today!

If you are looking for a custom home builder to create your new dream house in the El Paso area, contact Santa Homes. With over 20 years experience, they can make your ideas reality.