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Beating Cabin Fever: 5 Ways to Keep Busy When Stuck at Home

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Beating Cabin Fever: 5 Ways to Keep Busy When Stuck at Home

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, it’s likely that you’re aware of the COVID-19 breakout. Due to the infectious virus and the speed that it’s spreading at, cities all over the country have been ordered to lockdown and have encouraged no more than ten people in one gathering or household. It may be a while before we can go out and enjoy public commodities, so in the meantime, people are to spend the majority of their days in their own homes. Some of us are probably not used to being at home all the time, therefore, it can be hard to keep yourself busy and free of boredom. We touch on some ways you can keep yourself busy, active, and productive in your home while waiting out the breakout of the COVID-19 epidemic. 

Play Music—and Dance While You’re At It! 

Many homeowners have music playing while they’re getting chores done at home. Music gives us the boost we need at times! Keeping your body active and running is vital to one’s health, so participating in dance activities and routines to your favorite music can prove itself worthy and effective! The vast majority of public gyms are closing down while we wait for the COVID-19 spread to die down, so going out to your local fitness center won’t be an option. For now, you can opt to exercise in the comfort of your home to your favorite tunes! 

Practice Yoga Regularly 

Yoga is not only beneficial for your physical health but it also plays a major role in emotional and mental wellbeing. Yoga and meditation were traditionally designed to be practiced in quiet and peaceful places. One of the best things about having to stay at home is being able to partake in activities in the peace of your own place! You can find free yoga and workout videos to follow online or even make up your own routine. 

During unprecedented times like these, it can be hard not to let your nerves or anxiety get the best of you. Turn off the news for a bit, put some calming music on, and practice mindfulness when you can to relieve yourself of negative thoughts. 

Keep Your Brain Active 

It’s nice to catch up on TV and some of your favorite shows as you’re typically out for school and work. Although, your brain will start to feel like mush after sitting and staring at the screen for hours on end. One other major silver lining about having to stay at home is being able to challenge your brain with some helpful and healthy activities. If you’ve found yourself with more time than ever before, now is the time to read some novels you’ve been pending and to take up some puzzles to keep your mind engaged. It can be off-setting when you’re told to hold off on attending school and work, as our minds are wired to be in a constant state of thought. You could even learn a new language or take an online course for a subject of interest, while you’re at it! 

Tidy Up and Organize 

Making the time to clean out each of the rooms in your home can be difficult if you work a full-time job and have a family to support. Now that you’re stuck at home, being able to access the time will be much easier. You can even break up your cleaning tasks by day that way you don’t overwhelm yourself with a whole list of duties! For example, you could tackle cleaning 1-2 rooms per day out of a week. That way, you can invest your time wisely and clean every corner, leaving rooms spotless and fresh. 

Mend and Fix Broken Items

If you’ve been meaning to grease your front door or repair your squeaky kitchen cabins, now is the best time for you to do so. Putting off repairs for household items is easy, but they can progress over time and may lead to the need for professional assistance. If you don’t know how to fix certain appliances and materials, you can look up instructions online. If you have simple household tools, it’s likely that you’ll already have all that you need to mend broken items without having to take a trip to the store!

Make The Most of Your Home At All Times

Here at Santana Homes, we care about the level of comfort that customers can enjoy in their own homes. Despite these troubling times, we want to provide as much assistance as possible. Contact us today to learn more about how you can make the most of your time at home.