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Choosing a New Home: The Family Edition

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Choosing a New Home: The Family Edition

It’s happened. You’re no longer a bachelor or bachelorette. You’re married. You’ve got kids. Maybe a few pets. You need space for kids parties and anniversary dinners and Christmas mornings and get-togethers. You’ve traded in your bar and pool table for baby walkers and changing tables. Now, you need a place to put it all–a place to call home. This guide can help you find the perfect home for you and your family in the sea of new homes around the city.

1. Think About Space

Whether you already have kids or plan to have some in the near future, you’ll want to buy a house that’ll accommodate for all of the extra space you’ll need. Think about it. You’ll need space for a nursery, possibly a playroom, multiple bathrooms for when your kids grow up, and extra storage. If you’re like many of the parents we speak with, you’ll hold on to everything; artwork from when they’re in elementary school, old toys, clothes, Halloween costumes. You never know what kind of things you’ll need an attic or other forms of storage space for.

2. The Backyard

If you have children and pets, you’ll want a backyard that has plenty of space to play and roam. Or if you plan on starting a garden, installing a pool, or what have you, you’ll want a backyard that can accommodate this and more! Just think about all of the backyard parties, cookouts, and memories you can create when you choose a house that has a backyard that can accommodate your needs.

3. Security

You’ll want to look at security as well. Do the windows have bars? Does your front door have a screen door? What’s the neighborhood like? You’ll want to do your research and make sure the home has all of the security features you desire. It’s also important to look into other security options that’ll help to keep you and your family safe.

4. Location

Location is very important–as you probably know. You’ll want to choose a home that again fits your family’s needs in terms of location. This includes nearby schools, parks, shopping centers, colleges, dog parks, doctor and veterinarian offices, and so on. Be sure to choose a house that’s in a good location when looking at new homes for sale.

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If you and your family are looking at new homes to move into, Santana Homes can help. We have a variety of homes for sale and custom build homes, so you have options. Call us today to learn more!