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Four Energy Efficient Features to Include in New Homes

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Four Energy Efficient Features to Include in New Homes

man in suit and hardhat diagramming energy efficient levels with a colored marker One of the big advantages of building new homes is that you get to decide the features that will be included. Being able to choose features that are important to you is liberating. For many families, energy efficiency is essential. Building an energy efficient home can allow you to keep your utility costs low during your residence. This can save you money and allow you to make your home more comfortable. Here at Santana Custom Homes, we work with people in El Paso to build their perfect new homes. Your new home will have the energy efficiency features that interest you.

Efficient Features to Include in New Homes

Four energy efficient features which you may wish to include in your new home include:

  • Extra Insulation
    • If you insulate your house more, it will be much easier and less costly for you to keep it at a comfortable temperature. Even in the hot El Paso summers, you will be able to keep your house at a comfortable temperature without spending a fortune. Adding extra insulation is relatively low cost when you are building the house. Adding insulation later, though, can cost a lot more. Talk with your builder about the benefits of adding insulation to new homes.
  • Ceiling Fans
    • Ceiling fans can move air around your home, making it easier to heat and cool it. You can also keep your air conditioning and heat turned down a few degrees if you have a ceiling fan to help with air circulation.
  • Energy Star Appliances
    • It is possible to have Energy Star appliances throughout your entire home. From your kitchen appliances to your washer and dryer to your furnace, there are many options available. Energy Star Appliances have been certified to use less energy and are almore efficient, as well.
  • Attic Fan
    • Attic fans help to keep your whole house cooler. This way, you do not need to use as much air conditioning and so your home is more comfortable.

You can also consider more advanced energy efficient features such as using a geothermal heating and cooling system. You should also work with your builder to find out the latest in energy efficient features that are available for new homes.

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Santana Custom Homes can help you to decide what energy efficient features make sense for new homes. We can also help you to take other steps that will make your home uniquely yours. In order to find out more about how we help El Paso homeowners build their dream homes. Contact Santana Custom Homes today.