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Home Builder Design Secrets – How to Succeed

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Home Builder Design Secrets – How to Succeed

a home under constructionAs many people approach and move past retirement age, they begin to contemplate where they will live out their golden years. There is a growing trend of seniors that are choosing to stay put and forego both the homes and communities designed just for them because they do not believe that they have saved enough to be able to afford these accommodations. What they do not realize is that without forethought, aging in place can be even more expensive. This thinking should start with home builders. Santana Homes is ready to help.

Universal Design and Home Builders

Even if you are young and just starting out, you need to think about the future and what you will need your home to have. Therefore, you should ask your home builder about universal design. It does not take much effort and does not change the beauty of your home. It simply makes it usable for everyone. In fact, it may just mean removing the step at the front door and widening the hallways.

When discussing universal design with your home builder, remember to ask for counter tops that are of different heights and pull out boards for more space to work. You can also ask them to install handrails on both sides of the staircase, grab bars in the bathroom that double as towel bars, and rounded corners. In addition, you should inquire about rocker panel light switches.

Additional Features to Ask Your Home Builder to Include

When it is time for you to sit down with home builders and discuss what will go into your home beyond the blueprints, be sure to inquire about a lever-handed front door because it is easier to open than one with a knob. In fact, you can ask for levers throughout your home, including the faucets and the shower controls. In addition, try to pick out D-shaped drawer and cabinet pulls and appliances that have universally designed control features.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should have both sound and light signals and the carpeting you have installed should not be too thick. The circuit breaker should be clearly labeled and the majority of the amenities in the home should be easily reachable and usable regardless of body size, posture, or level of functioning. In addition, your home should also have sufficient space for someone who uses a wheelchair, walker, or another assertive device.

These universal designs are not only good for those that choose to age in place and stay in their home through retirement, they are also beneficial to you. They can help you more easily get through your home when your hands are full. In addition, you will be able to worry less about your children taking tumbles.

Let Santana Homes Help

Regardless of what you would like to have included in your home, you can trust the home builders at Santana Homes. They have been building dream homes in El Paso for over 20 years and are ready to build yours.