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Why Home Buyers Prefer New Homes

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Why Home Buyers Prefer New Homes

a diagram showing new homesAt Santana Homes, we are passionate about giving prospective home buyers what they want. And according to a recent survey administered by Trulia, a large percentage of Americans want to build new homes.

While older homes offer a certain type of charm and character, they are also usually fixer-uppers. And while moderately new homes may appear to be more affordable than brand new houses, they never seem to be just right. A few, minor imperfections in a house may not seem like a big issue at first. Regardless, home buyers who move forward when they aren’t 100% satisfied with their purchase are ultimately choosing to settle. For this reason, 41 percent of Americans report that they would prefer to purchase a brand new home over a previously-lived-in home.

Top Three Reasons That Home Buyers Prefer New Homes

There are several reasons why home buyers tend to prefer new homes to old homes. These reasons include:

  1. Customization: Custom home builders allow home buyers to participate in the design process, empowering people to put their personal signature on their new home. New homeowners may have the opportunity to choose the flooring, the paint colors, and even the floor plan. The options are limitless.  
  2. Modern Fixtures: New homes typically include more energy efficient, cost effective appliances and fixtures. For home buyers who want to be ecologically responsible and economically wise, modern fixtures are a must.
  3. Lower Maintenance Costs: While older homes have experienced years of wear, new houses are guaranteed to be low maintenance and high function. New houses also have advanced engineering properties, and they are likely to last longer than homes built ten years prior.

Beginning the Home Building Process

If you are one of the 41 percent of Americans who understand the value of a new house, now is a great time to begin planning for your custom house. Start by gathering ideas from Pinterest to get a sense of your general style. Next, look for custom home builders that you know will care as much about your house as you do! The architects and builders at  work to provide home buyers with beautiful, functional, and affordable homes that match their lifestyles and personalities. Don’t settle with an older home. Let your dream home become a reality! Consult with a custom home builder at Santana Homes today!