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Four Reasons for Buying a Home in El Paso in 2019

Even though it has been a decade after the 2008 prime mortgage crisis home buying still gives some people the shivers. That’s because, after that, home buying got a bit of a bad rap and even scared some people off. The truth is that the market has significantly changed and stabilized since then. Today, home […]

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Homes and You — Things To Consider When Building Your Own House

The route to building a home is one decision after the other. Each decision comes with the possibility of greatness or disaster. This is especially true when it comes to what will be in and around your house. Understanding this, you want a company that will take your desires and combines them with functional design. […]

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What to Look for in Custom Home Builders

If you are in the market for a new home, you should shop for your custom home builder carefully because you need to know that you are buying a good quality home from a reputable contractor. Building a new home is a significant long-term investment and it is the largest investment most people will make […]

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Luxury Homes Can Offer You A Sense Of Class You Never Knew Existed

If you’ve ever dreamed about building a home, chances are it was probably a large extravagant one and not something that is simply mediocre. Building luxury homes can be an exciting time. There will be many awesome options and features you can choose for your brand new home. If you are considering investing in a […]

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Why Home Buyers Prefer New Homes

At Santana Homes, we are passionate about giving prospective home buyers what they want. And according to a recent survey administered by Trulia, a large percentage of Americans want to build new homes. While older homes offer a certain type of charm and character, they are also usually fixer-uppers. And while moderately new homes may […]

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