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Why Are There So Many New Homes for Sale in the Spring?

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Why Are There So Many New Homes for Sale in the Spring?

front view of one of the many new homes for sale Santana Homes has availableThe weather is getting warmer – and so is the housing market. New homes are for sale everywhere, and shoppers are coming out in full force. Real estate agents and home building experts agree that spring is a popular and practical time for home buying and home selling, and they expect March to July to be some of their busiest months. But why is the housing market so hot in spring? If you’re looking for new homes for sale, Santana Homes is ready to help!

Why Springtime is Prime Time

Statistics reveal that springtime is prime time for buying a new property, and the “for sale” signs that are popping up on every El Paso corner bear witness to this fact. Here are a few reasons why spring is a great time to go house shopping.

It’s Great Weather

There is nothing worse than home shopping in the winter. Everything is cold and dreary, and homes look much less inviting because the landscaping is mostly dead.  But that extra dose of springtime vitamin D makes browsing for houses or properties a pleasant experience. After a winter cooped up inside, potential homebuyers are likely to enjoy driving around lots and dreaming about their new custom homes.

It’s a Great Time to Move

No matter what time of year it is, moving can be stressful, but the summer months are likely the most opportune times to move a family. Life is naturally slower in the summer months, and parents don’t have to worry about taking their children to and from school. But if home buyers want to complete their move during the summer and before school starts up again in the fall, they have to make a decision in the spring. Transactions take about 60 to 90 days to close,  so decisions should be made around April – and contracts signed around June – for everything to be settled and complete by the end of summer.

It’s Cheaper to Buy than Rent

This benefit is not contingent on the season, but it is still an important benefit to consider! In most parts of the country, it is still cheaper to buy a home than to rent one over a 4 to 5 year period. Experts suggest that this is especially true for young home buyers who put less than 10 percent down. While mortgage rates are slightly higher than last year, they are still remarkably low, and buying is still in the best financial interest of most people.

It Is Practical!

Because home builders and real estate agents know the spring fever home buying trend, many of them market their beautiful, new homes for sale prices. This means that home shopping in the springtime is financially practical.  At Santana Homes, we offer bargain prices for high-quality homes, and we are leaders in the spring home sales market. If you are interested in browsing some of the new homes for sale that we offer, contact our team today!