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Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Wired Home Security Systems

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Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Wired Home Security Systems

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For most home seekers, having a home pre-wired for security system installation is a must— and we completely agree. Having a pre-wired home can not only save you a significant amount of money but this also presents with you an opportunity to live in a safer environment. Santana Homes takes pride in being able to offer luxury homes with a special pre-wiring feature you won’t find with many other home builders. You can trust us when you say you won’t want to settle for anything, as we outline what exactly goes into the pre-wiring of security systems. 

How Secure is a Pre-Wired Home Security System?

There has been a growing misconception amongst homeowners that along with a pre-wired system, you also have to worry about the wires being cut and the potential for a power outage. We’re here to confirm that this is not true, much less the least of your worries! Hard-wired alarm systems are not disabled by cutting wires and rarely ever do power outages extend to the system.

Advantages of Pre-Wired Systems

By moving into our luxury homes offered at Santana Homes, there is a variety of benefits you can expect to gain with our pre-wired system. The pre-wired system is one you can rely on because it does not fall back on sensors that communicate through radiofrequency. After our professionals install a pre-wired system, you won’t need to worry about additional maintenance or battery changes. Another major advantage that exists within these systems is that they are less susceptible to be hacked. Wired equipment is much harder to hack than wireless equipment.

Up to Date with Modern Models

An older model of a security system is just as reliable to keep your home safe, but Santana Homes wants to provide you with the best. We implement new components into our custom homes. There are not many companies that include pre-wired security systems in their home deals. We want to provide you with as much as possible. 

Don’t Settle, Get Started with Santana Homes!

Our luxury homes at Santana Homes not only include pre-wired security systems but also beneficial features such as accent tiles, custom landscaping, LED light fixtures and so much more! Contact us today to look into our select luxury homes. 

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