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What An EnergyStar Certification Means For Your Home

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What An EnergyStar Certification Means For Your Home

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In 2019, builders have the responsibility to construct efficient and sustainable homes. With our planet currently experiencing the backlash of irresponsible consumption, there is an urgent need to reduce usage whenever possible. That’s why Santana Homes are EnergyStar certified; we believe a home doesn’t have to consume more than necessary. We often get questions about this certification, though, so this article will discuss the basics of EnergyStar certifications. 

EnergyStar Certified Homes

The EnergyStar program is a national program, but Texas is currently under version 3.1. Version 3.1 has the most stringent requirements and is the most recent version, so you can expect the best efficiency under this system. The certification encompasses every aspect of the home and varies on climate. Since El Paso is so hot, we follow the hot climate requirements. The cooling components, specifically, require some of the best equipment. 

Windows and doors have to be durable but insulating, to keep air in and make the air conditioning system more efficient. Water heaters are also regulated, with specific allowable energy usage levels that are well below what is normally available. All appliances must be EnergyStar certified as well, including lighting. Finally, a programmable thermostat and good ductwork is mandatory. 

Santana Homes: The Forefront of Efficiency

When you purchase a Santana Home, you agree to live in a luxury, efficient household. The energy and money savings over the course of your home’s lifetime will be enormous, and you’ll keep your impact on the environment down as well. Contact us today to learn more about our EnergyStar certification.